For the exact measurement of nauwar, do consider the right measurement of waist, hips, and length.

  • Waist

To get the perfect waist size for your saree nauwar, take the measurement around your belly area. Your waist size should be comfortable to you otherwise you would never feel confident about wearing a saree.

  • Hips

To measure the hip size, get the measurement of the fullest or the widest part of your hip area. For ladies with different body shapes like an apple-shaped body, a heavier lower stomach, or have a longer than usual torso, you must take a separate measurement for your lower stomach.

  • Waist to toe length

For the length of your nauwar, you need to stand straight and take measurements from the belly point where you generally tie your bottoms (petticoats, lehenga, etc.) till or below the ankle level, considering the high-heels as well. It depends on what length you want of your saree. You can take the help of someone to get the right measurement of the length.
That’s all about saree and their sizes. Now that you know everything about saree sizes, it’s time to be more careful when you buy a new one. I hope all this information is sufficient enough to get that perfect hourglass fitting for a saree.